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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good days!

I'm not very good at picking my titles for each entry haha! Anyway....We have been keeping busy.
Today Lane had a check up at Riley, so Mom, Lane, and I headed down this morning and went to his appointment. He's doing well and we go back in 3 months for another follow up. They adjust his medicine with his growth. He was such a good boy today. He wanted to hold my hand and my mom's hand while we were walking today. It was so cute, so we walked 3 across all holding hands. He sure did not want to take his clothes off when it was time to get weighed and measured. Every dr appointment, he does this. Its weird how they remember. It isnt even anything bad...maybe kids remember that they threw a fit the previous time so they think that what they are supposed to do this time too. Regardless, he was great all day. On our way back from Indy, we stopped at JoAnn Fabrics...and well I could have stayed for hours!!
The boys have been sleeping in the same room. One night I let Lane fall asleep with Ty in his bed and since then, Ty has been sleeping on the daybed in Lane's room. Lane still in his crib. When we take them to bed they talk to each other for a while until they fall asleep. It is cute the conversations they have.
Its hard to believe that next week will be the middle of March already!! Im so ready for Spring. To work and play outside.
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