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Saturday, January 21, 2012

September and October

These two months around our home were mainly devoted to our Walker Farms Fall Harvest Days! This was our second year doing it and we were happy with the turn out of customers. We tried some new things this year and hope to expand on them in future years.
We were also busy with Ty's soccer games. The kids are so fun to watch! I will post some pictures that I took from my phone below.
 Halloween was also exciting....This year Ty was a Motor Cross Racer and Lane was Batman.
As the end of October is winding down  so is our busy life. So we went on a vacation to Disney!! Pictures in the next post!

Waaayyy behind!!

Wow am I way behind! I want to try to get caught up on my blog here soon! A lot has happened since my last post in August! So stay tuned to future posts as I try to catch up from August to the end of January real quick :)
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