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Monday, September 9, 2013

Catch up on the past few weeks

A few weeks have gone by since my last post. I want to try to make a blog entry once a week at the least so here I am with more hopeful goals :) 
Since my last post w Ty starting school (who is loving it btw) we have had Lane start preschool as well. He goes 2 days a week and is loving it so far.
First day of preschool!

This past weekend we had a festival in town so we enjoyed that as well as our weekly farmers market sales 
Brynn riding a pony at the festival. 

I went to a barn sale this weekend and found some good finds!!
- 2 worn fence panels
-Old crate 
I will share when I get them in their new places around the house.

We are also redoing some rooms in our house as far as moving around the purpose of the room.
More details will come on those later but below is a little decorating I did in the laundry section :) 

Meal planning this week:

This weeks goals:
- Cangreen beans 
- Finish up two current orders in progress
- Organize fabric
- Farm paperwork
- General house cleaning 

Ending with something from the camera/phone :
Working on the computer the other night and playing peek-a-boo with my little girl! 

Have a great week!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

School's in Session!

Our summer was great and went by fast! Now it is time for school to start again. Ty  is in kindergarten this year! He is excited, a little nervous, but looking forward to it! 

We went school shopping a few weeks ago and he picked out a Spider-Man book bag and yellow/black tennis shoes! 
We enjoyed dinner at his choice of Red Robin! 
Earlier this week was Meet the Teacher night! Scott and I took Ty into the school and we found his class. He met Mrs.
Clouse and was excited to see everything in the room. Then he was set and all ready for the big day!
The last few days of summer went by fast but we enjoyed a night out to dinner at Fair Oaks farms

August 23, 2013 - first day of kindergarten! 
I am excited for him and know he will do just fine. He's outgoing, makes friends easily, and loves to learn. But I had tears... That i didn't let him see...Not because I didn't want him to go but because I can't believe he's going already! Where has time gone! Today kindergarten.. Tomorrow graduating high school ... As fast as time goes! 
We also packed his lunch! He is a pretty picky eater and I don't think school lunch is going to cut it for him! So! I ordered some bento lunch items... But they haven't came in yet. So we used what we had to make lunch fun! 
Here's my first of many bento lunches! 
Have a great day Ty! I know you'll love it!!
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