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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ty's Tractor

For Father's Day, I made a simple card for Scott with the intentions of having the boys color and scribble all over it for him. This kind of stuff is my favorite!. So Lane had done what he wanted to do using mainly one color. Then it was Ty's turn....he did a few random drawings. Then asked what else should I draw for Dad...I said how about a tractor...Daddy loves tractors...so this is what he drew.
:) I was so proud of him! That's a pretty nice looking tractor!

Toy Story Birthday

Im a little past due at posting pics from the Boys' birthday party! We did a joint birthday party this year. I thought it would be easier and it was..and on top of that we had it at the park which was also a great idea!  We celebrated Lane's birthday with Scott and I's parents, our brothers, and our grandparents that live close. We will do the same for Ty in a few weeks. This party was for all our relatives and closest friends. The kids enjoyed playing at the park and we had cupcakes and ice cream. It was a very hot day too!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Both boys love to help outside, in the garden and the greenhouse. Lane happened to be helping me pull weeds around the lettuce in the greenhouse. I thought it made a good pic. He was good help!!

Memorial Day Camping trip

Memorial Day Weekend we went camping with Scott's parents to Tippecanoe River State Park. Despite the rain, and more rain, and mosquitoes, it was a fun and relaxing trip and the boys had a great time!

Coupon shopping

I thought I would try my hand at shopping with coupons. I have always been a coupon shopper, using one coupon here and there. I have never really made my grocery list based on the sales flyers and coupons that I have. Well with a little more planning and coupon clipping I have enjoyed grocery shopping...and saving a little money too!
I never really went to the old grocery store in town. I thought they were too expensive and we would often drive up north and go to Super Walmart and Menards at the same time, so I usually had grocery shopped out of town. But since new ownership of the local grocery store and a new remodel has taken place, I have made my grocery business locally. Each week they send out a sales flyer and then I get the Sunday paper (It has become exciting to see what kind of coupons are offered in the paper!). So usually Sunday morning I sit down and make my grocery list by matching whats on sale with my coupons. No I am not an "Extreme Couponer" and don't want to be...although it would be so nice to save as much as they do...but at a certain point I can see it being hoarding and I don't have room for all that stuff! Anyways, I like to save my $60 to $75 between coordinating my coupons with the sale items!!
Preparing my grocery list

My FREE items this week
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