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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coupon shopping

I thought I would try my hand at shopping with coupons. I have always been a coupon shopper, using one coupon here and there. I have never really made my grocery list based on the sales flyers and coupons that I have. Well with a little more planning and coupon clipping I have enjoyed grocery shopping...and saving a little money too!
I never really went to the old grocery store in town. I thought they were too expensive and we would often drive up north and go to Super Walmart and Menards at the same time, so I usually had grocery shopped out of town. But since new ownership of the local grocery store and a new remodel has taken place, I have made my grocery business locally. Each week they send out a sales flyer and then I get the Sunday paper (It has become exciting to see what kind of coupons are offered in the paper!). So usually Sunday morning I sit down and make my grocery list by matching whats on sale with my coupons. No I am not an "Extreme Couponer" and don't want to be...although it would be so nice to save as much as they do...but at a certain point I can see it being hoarding and I don't have room for all that stuff! Anyways, I like to save my $60 to $75 between coordinating my coupons with the sale items!!
Preparing my grocery list

My FREE items this week

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