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Monday, February 21, 2011

Its Monday Already....

I was not ready to go back to work this morning. We had such a nice weekend, I didn't want it to end!! It was a weekend with no plans to go anywhere. So we just worked around the house. Scott needed more Styrofoam for potting area on our greenhouse, so we decided to make a trip to Richard's and Bailey's in Todo. It is fun to go every now and then and see what they have. We left with some good finds. While we were out we decided to go to Valpo to super Walmart for groceries.
Sunday afternoon we worked in the greenhouse. We planted more seed and transplanted flower plugs that we had gotten in. Its 70 degrees in the area they are growing!! The boys had so much fun out in the greenhouse with us! I wish I would have take pictures!! I gave them some soil to and a tray and some pots and they had a ball moving the soil around!! We also went over to Grandma Chris' because she had some goodies for the boys from their trip to Florida.

Ty showing off his new Spiderman cape from Grandma Chris and Grandpa Rod

Growing up, my parents would mark Adam's and my height on the board by the tack room in the horse barn. Mom would put our names and the date by our line. She kept track for several years. I cant remember when she started but I'm sure it was when we first started riding horses. I should go put an updated mark for myself on that board now...I'm sure it hasn't changed one bit from the last time haha! Well I have always wanted to find a spot that will be around for years to start marking the boys' height and put the date. In the building Scott added to the greenhouse I found that spot and am looking forward to marking several times the heights of the boys and any future kids that we may have!!

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