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Thursday, January 30, 2014

A New Start

I have had a blog for some time now but haven't been regular with postings. But now want to be committed to sharing farm life, produce growing for CSA and farmers markets with Walker Farms, crafts with kids and my creative outlet with Sew.Stitch.Create., as well as some recipe sharing. Join me on my adventure!

To get started with my blogs new start, I thought I'd start with something similar to what I see on a lot of other blogs. A "weekly what's going on type thing" that I enjoy reading on other blogs. I should probably have these be posts for Mondays, but for this week, today will do. :)

The weather: Too cold for my liking! On my way home from work, the wind was blowing hard and I'm sure there will be some good size drifts in the morning. We are hearing of 3 snow storm systems coming between now and next weekend. Lovely! At the beginning of these snow storms, I was trying not to complain. We were due for a "good - cold" winter and needed one. The freezing temps are good to kill off germs, bugs, diseases, etc...and the snow will be good to put moisture in the ground. But now I think its safe to say, we've had enough and I'm ready for Spring, green grass, and not having to bundle up every inch of our bodies to step out to the car in the mornings.

On my TV: Nothing right now, just put the kids down for bed and am enjoying some quiet time.


On the menu for this week:  Scott has been home from work the passed few days, so he has done a great job of having dinners going when the kids and I get home from work, school, and the sitter. He enjoys cooking in the winter time. Hopefully plan to share our weekly meal planning here. 
On my to do list this week: Nothing specific. Regular house cleaning. Laundry and picking up toys is never ending.
Sew.Stitch.Create. projects for the week: I am finishing up a infinity scarf tonight, a hat and fingerless gloves are up next, then 3 chevron dresses are up for the weekend. I love custom orders!  Scott is also helping me with some new wood prop items to offer on my page.

Walker Farms projects for the week: In other years, we would be getting close to start seeding, but we are going to sit tight for a while longer through this real cold spell. We are signing up people for our CSA memberships, seed is being delivered and we are ordering, and also getting our chick order ready.

Pictures of the week:

Tonight we played Battleship

Getting CSA flyers sent out 

Cinnamon roll waffles made on our snow day Monday 

Have a great night!!

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