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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Out on the town...

Today I spent most of my morning out on the town, with my 2 year old and 5 year old.
This morning I had an appointment to get new tires, alignment, and some parts replaced on my car. I was somewhat prepared for spending a few hours in town and planned to just walk with the kids to do some of our errands that were close by.

I had forgot about the parts that needed replaced. Meaning a few extra hours in town. With the two kids (our oldest was at school) and the stroller we set out to "kill time."

We visited my mom at work and on the way spotted a swarm of ants on the sidewalk that we for sure had to check out.

We went to the bakery, walked up through the drive through at the bank (Laner thought that was pretty cool, since we weren't in the car.), stopped at a local shop and ordered screen printed bags for the market, and walked across the new bridge in town to see if we could see any fish per his curiosity.

We then ended up at the park, where we enjoyed our bakery cookies and playing. 

We enjoyed lunch with my mom and then headed back to check on the car. On the way back, they called and said it was done. Our morning adventures were over. But we sure had a great time wondering about, finding things to do. It was a beautiful morning and not too hot. 

I'm not one to rest much, I feel like I'm always on the go, go, go. Which is fine with me. Sometimes. But this morning was so nice. I couldn't go anywhere (like back home to get stuff done - I live too far out of town), and I could have borrowed my mom's vehicle to run errands, but it was nice to walk. We had a lot of time to just take stuff in. Just relax and enjoy the morning. We enjoyed looking at things, visiting shops, playing, and going on an adventure just "killing time." I will make time for more mornings like this this summer.


  1. Sounds like you had a fun morning :)

  2. So pleasant pictures..Family is like branches on a tree.we all grow in different dimensions,yet our roots remain as one.Thanks for sharing it with us.


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