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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sometimes you just have to have a weekend to play....

When life gets busy, sometimes you need to reward yourself with some relaxing and fun. Last weekend we did just that. My family on my dad's side had planned to go on a camping trip to a lake a little over an hour away. It's always fun to spend some time on the boat, camp, with family, and cook over the campfire.

Here is Northwest Indiana, we had gotten several inches of rain close to the camping trip. What better time to go for us, as it was basically treading mud while working in the garden. 10 inches of rain in a few days is a lot. We didn't have tons of produce yet, so we decided to line up the CSA deliveries/pick ups and skip the market for that Saturday. The kids went over with my parents Friday, I set out to head over Saturday morning, and my farmer joined in the afternoon after he got off work.

What a fun weekend we had at Bass Lake. A lot of time in the water and on the boat. They have a shallow beach area that extends well into the lake. They kids loved it!

It stormed Saturday evening, but we still managed to get some s'more making done after the rain was over.

Breakfast is my favorite campfire meal to eat. Everyone pitched in and we had a wide array of choices to eat Sunday morning. Does anyone else make their toast over the fire? What about pudgy pies, what are your favorites?

A great weekend away. Sometimes you have to step away for a little R&R. It is always well received! There are a few state parks and campgrounds somewhat nearby and we will be camping hopefully a lot more this summer.

I thought I would share a few photos from our mini camping trip.

Two of our kids, my dad, and myself swimming in the lake


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