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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

making something for myself....

Winter is approaching, so quickly it seems! Earlier this year I set out to make myself an afghan throw blanket. Now I crochet a lot, but have never made myself an afghan, so I'm really looking forward to making something for myself.

I chose colors of my favorite color combination. I just love these colors together. Bright and cheery! I also picked one of my favorite brands of yarn for this project. I love how soft it is and easy to crochet with.

I have a long way to go as I got away from it for a few months, but I'm fitting in making a few squares here and there with different color patterns. I am loving how each granny square is turning out and look forward to putting it all together.

I can't wait to wrap up with it this winter, especially as much as I hear about the cold temperatures and snow predictions.

Do any of my readers crochet?

Stay tuned for more of my granny square afghan progress. :)

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