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Monday, October 27, 2014

Beauty in October Color

Now that we are well into October....how has the month been treating you? 
Here in Indiana, we sure entered it on a cold note, but it's warmed back up a little and we have had some beautiful days! The leaves have had amazing fall color and are lasting a while. The sunsets have also been breathtaking. 

I love the quote above! I sure do love the month of October! 

For so many reasons well beyond the obvious pumpkin spice drinks and favorite cozy hoodies, 
Some of mine are...

Harvest - We grow pumpkins along with produce so we are very busy filling orders for pumpkins and hosting Fall Harvest Days where we sell our fall pumpkin harvest and other fall decor. I also have a great opportunity to help my dad and brother in the field and enjoy it so much! Harvest brings a sense of fulfillment. Pride. Accomplishment. (I will be sharing about harvest in another post)

Life slowing down (some) - We sure do love growing produce, pumpkins, and helping in the field!! On another level it is sort of nice to look forward to life slowing down a little. A short break. Time to get some needed projects done. Unwind some. Plan the next season.

Completion - It's like everything comes together in the Fall. It seems like the winter is hustle and bustle with the holidays before the new year. The Fall/October is time to wrap things up. Feeling a sense of completion as the season winds down and things are getting done. Maybe the outdoor to do list. For us, our pumpkin season is ending, out produce season is almost over, we will only be mowing the yard a few more times, etc. We sure do love to be outside and doing those things from April-November, but there is also a sense of joy that the busy season is almost complete.

Seeing God's beauty in the changing of the seasons - Everywhere I turn I see a beautiful picture! I am sharing some of them with you here in this post. 

The following photos are some of October through my eyes...enjoy!!

I also was able to make it to the Covered Bridge Festival this year down in Southern Indiana and captured some photos there as well.

Loved all the color in this vendor's booth!

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