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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Backroad Life Favorites -Strawberry Revolution tiebacks

I thought a fun way to start summer would be to share some of my favorite products here on The Backroad.' I will be sharing a few of my favorite products over the next few weeks, and having a fun giveaway at the end of the series.

First up is a product I was introduced an tried not too long ago - Strawberry Revolution Studio Tiebacks!! 

Now I was skeptical to order as I have a hard time with headbands... Previous ones I have tried are too tight and not comfortable. I would get headaches after only wearing them for a short amount of time. Or they would have to be re-positioned several times a day because they would move or slide off - which to me is the most frustrating.

Right at the time I was wanting to order a Strawberry Revolution Tieback, they were having a giveaway on their Facebook page. I entered the giveaway not expecting to win, but hey it is worth a shot. I also placed my first Strawberry Revolution order. I was super excited that I did win the giveaway (which never happens - so I was thrilled!!). I couldn't wait for my new tieback headbands to come.

The Strawberry Revolution tiebacks come with a card folded around it with their website information and directions for wearing and washing. You can wear them thick or thin for two different looks!! I LOVE their motto "Confidence is Beauty"

When they came I tried one right away. The tieback headband was comfortable and I didn't get a headache.  AND it didn't slide!!

The next day I put it to even more of a test and wore it during my workout. Same results! Comfortable, no headache, and it didn't move! I wore it the remainder of the day.

So how did I find out about Strawberry Revolution? I am a newborn photography prop vendor  - {Simply}Sassafras - and follow several photographers on Facebook and Instagram. I noticed several photographers and prop vendors wearing these tiebacks and how they loved them for the same reasons I do. So I thought I would try them out too.

But of course you don't have to be a photographer or a prop vendor to wear them. I wear the tieback headbands for any type of work. Gardening, working in the field, cleaning, workout, shopping, anytime I put my hair up (you can wear them with your hair down too. I wear them casually, or to dress up an outfit. Really anytime is great! I LOVE them!!!

It is great to support small, handmade businesses and I do very often, especially being one myself, I truly appreciate the uniqueness! Strawberry Revolution also GIVES BACK! Here is information from their website.  
With our “Confidence is Beauty” statement in mind, we have recently partnered with the KIND Campaign and donate $1 out of every purchase to this non-profit who campaigns against adolescent bullying. With OUR donations and many others, they can provide FREE assemblies and KIND curriculum to middle schools and high schools around the U.S. - Teaching our kids and our future America how to take the power out of bullying. One KIND at a time.

They are super cute and there are a ton of designs available on their website. I have just tried the Studio Tiebacks, but there is also the Truefit Band that is more of a fitness band. I look forward to ordering more and adding to my collection. 

Head on over to the Strawberry Revolution website and find your favorite bands! Use my code STRAWREV1047 at checkout for 10 % off your order through May 31st! They also offer a kid's tieback collection and tees for kids and adults! Its a great time to purchase some of these bands! You will love them!! 

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