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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas In The Country Reveal 2015

The Christmas decorations are down as the holiday season has come and gone. I love the joy the holiday season brings! We are in a fresh new year and it's exciting to look forward to a new year as well.
This is my second year participating in Christmas In the Country, a secret gift exchange among bloggers! It's a fun way to give and receive a gift and connect with bloggers.

This year my gift was from Katherine over at Katherine's Corner. I'm glad this exchange linked me to finding her blog and shops on Etsy! An inspiration! I enjoyed reading some of her posts! Katherine really took heed of my cues for the exchange and built her gift on my favorite colors mason jar blue and chartreuse green and the fact that I crochet!! She gifted me a crochet caddy, a crochet hook wallet to store a variety of hooks in, and some super comfy and fun socks!! I love everything and have been using them since they were delivered!! The crochet caddy and hook wallet is super helpful as I take my crochet projects when traveling. I look forward to bringing it along on many trips!
Love everything!!
Fun and cozy socks
Crochet hook organizer
Crochet Project tote - already carrying with my current projects
In addition to receiving a gift, it was equally as fun to put together a gift!! Head over to Home on The Range Exchange to find out what I sent to Lori.


  1. Hi Stacy! I'm glad you were able to join up and participate this year again, we loved having you! It sounds like you got a really great gift from Katherine that fit your personality well - that gift you sent over to Lori was fabulous as well! I hope you had a good time and were able to make some new connections. Have a blessed new year!

  2. Thanks for joining us again Stacy! I loved what you sent to Lori! I received from her and between the two of you, my crafty abilities were put to shame. I really loved the little flag garland you made and I am trying to get my sewing room back from the kids Lego's so that I can get back to sewing. That little project really inspired me. Thanks again for being a participant!
    Laurie - Country Link


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