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Friday, April 1, 2016

What to Plant In Your Spring Garden

The Spring season is here! If you're like me, you look forward to the warmer months and are glad when Spring rolls around to know you're pretty close to those warmer temperatures. With the Spring season comes garden and flower season. Who doesn't love to spruce up their garden or home with a little Spring color! There are some great annual flowers you can get started with in the early Spring to add that pop of color and to get your garden season going.

The cooler weather can be hard on a garden as you never know how long it might last. But there are several annual flowers you can plant in the early Spring. They prefer the cooler temperatures of Spring and Fall. They do well in containers and planted in the ground and can stretch the garden season to seem much longer by planting early and late in the season.

Here is a list of some great cool season annuals you can print in your Spring garden. Most garden centers and shops will have a variety of these annuals in stock in the early Spring for those who like to start early.

- Diasca
- Pansies
- Violas
- Primrose
- Marigolds
- Cosmos
- Lobelia
- Verbena
- Geranium
- Dahlia

Pansies and Violas area a popular one that I like to add around my garden area. I specifically like to add them to my porch of my little garden shed. I have some window boxes and like to just set some pots of pansies out to add some Spring color.

You'll also want to keep an eye on the weather in early Spring. Be sure to not "jump the gun" when purchasing. The Spring weather still sometimes surprises us with random cold spells or continued snow. If not ideal weather is expected and you have annual flowers planted or in pots, cover them during the period of time or bring them into a protected area. Also, when the weather gets warmer, these cool weather loving annuals don't always thrive as well. So you'll want to add more warmer temperature annuals.

There are also many Spring blooming bulbs that you can add to your garden in the Fall for new planting to enjoy the following season. I will talk more about Spring bulbs in a later post. Most garden centers will also have these available in pots. I like to set them out and about around my garden shed or inside the home while they are blooming. Then after they bloom, you can transplant them to your garden to have for next year. Some of them are:

- Tulips
- Daffodils
- Hyacinth
- Crocus
- Anemone
- Grape Hyacinth
 - Iris

Lengthen your garden season and add some beautiful color by adding some spring annuals! You'll love the fresh pop of color and spruce up you'll be doing!!

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