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Monday, May 9, 2011

The adventures of Ty and Lane

I had forgot to post some "stories" of Lane's personality shining through!

Story #1. I had gotten some packs of strawberries and Lane loves strawberries!! Well I set the packs on the counter when we got home and then went downstairs to switch the laundry. When I came back upstairs this is what I find

In the time it took me to switch the laundry, Lane had pushed his little chair to the counter top and taken a bite out of half the strawberries in one pack. It was so cute to see him standing on his chair when I walked in the kitchen and the look on his face was like "I didnt do any thing" :)

Story #2. We got the boys 2 goldfish for Easter. The boys saw us putting them in the fish bowl and had helped feed them. Well Lane was eating some goldfish crackers and was in the kitchen. I had taken some stuff upstairs and when I came back he had his chair (once again his chair) and pushed it up to the counter and had thrown a handful of goldfish to the fish!! He just looked at me and smiled and said "feeding fish." The goldfish were eating them too.  So Im in rush mode to get them taken out and switched to new water as the goldfish just crumbled when I tried to take them out.

Story #3. Ty had named his fish Gelly. At first he named it Ty but I said well you don't want to name him your name, how about pick something else. So he picked Gelly (I think he heard it on Jake and the Neverland Pirates). Well his fish didnt make it much longer after the goldfish incident. So he saw that it was floating. So we flushed it down the toilet. As we are doing this Ty says "We have to flush him down to Heaven. To fish Heaven." Then Ty claimed Lane's fish and renamed him Sharker...well he only made it one more day and Ty said "We better flush him down to Fish Heaven too."

Just so fun hearing what kids say and this will be a good way for me to keep track!!

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