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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Easter

I had also wanted to post some more pictures from Easter, but I couldn't get them to load in my original Easter post...so I have another one :)

Coloring Easter eggs       

Cutting my Almond Pound Cake for the trifle

My Trifle complete. It was SO good!! 
 For my trifle for Easter, I used bits of a Tastefully Simple recipe I found on the website for the Absolutely Almond Pound Cake and bits from a friends recipe that I had at one of her parties. Having the trifle at her party and having the pound cake on had gave me the idea to make this for Easter. I just made the pound cake and cubed it. Then made up vanilla pudding and mixed it with cool whip. Then layered pound cake, pudding / cool whip mixture, then cherry filling, then crushed Hershey bars. I did two layers then chilled before heading out to our Easter lunch. It was so good and easy. Will definitely be making again!!

My Easter egg garland

I found this Easter egg garland on a craft blog that I like to look at. It was so fun to make and easy. Thanks to some paint color samples that I picked up. And I will have all sorts of color samples if I want to paint anything one of these colors :)

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