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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

FARMLAND is coming to theatres!

This week the documentary Farmland comes to theatres. You won't want to pass up the opportunity to see it this Thursday, May 1st. It will be showing in Indianapolis at the Landmark Keystone Theatre. Check here for show time and ticket information. Check here to find a theatre near you.

Photo courtesy Farmland on Facebook 

I had the opportunity to see the movie last month as a premier viewing and from a farmer's perspective I thought it was great! It is real life and honest. A true look into the day to day production of our nation's food. The farmers in this documentary represent a wide range of American agriculture. You will hear from ranchers, chicken and hog producers, commodity farmers, organic produce farmers and a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) produce farm. I really like that the film included several different aspects of agriculture. These farmers take you into their lives and share the passion they have for agriculture. You will see how they work as a family on a daily basis. They will share the challenges they face. You will also see the hard work these farmers put into their dream doing what they love. You will laugh and you will cry, as you have been there too. Through a lot of the film, you will nod your head in agreement for you have also witnessed what these farmers are talking about.

Although this documentary is fantastic from a farmer's standpoint, its not really "for" farmers, but for consumers. To have an insight of how their food is produced. The farmers in the film all come from different backgrounds how they became involved in agriculture, whether starting up on their own or
 who are responsible for running the farm that has been passed down through generations. I encourage everyone to see this documentary. These young farmers will touch base on the current topics in agriculture. They may not agree on everything but it is obvious they all share their goal to produce a great product for the consumers.

Again, the movie comes out May 1st. If you haven't seen the trailer for the film, check out the Facebook page or the Farmland website. I encourage anyone who is skeptical about farming practices to go see it if you can. I also suggest farmers to take a break from the field and also see it. (There is rain in the forecast for Thursday in Indiana).

Scott and I
Crystal from Kellner Farms at the preview.

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