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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

family of 6 we shall soon be!

That's right, our family is growing and will be very soon! Baby #4 is due in 4 short weeks!

4 short weeks! Which also feel like 4 LONG weeks, but I know it will go by so fast!

We do not know the gender with this one.

We didn't find out with our first
We did with our 2nd and 3rd.
We decided to not find out with this one. It's been fun hearing what people think we are having. We shall soon find out!

Our summer has been pretty crazy busy, but looking forward to July being a more relaxed month.

Garden walk about with some sweet tea and my 34 week baby bump. 
I'm in the process of pulling out some neutral baby clothing and getting it washed up. Once we know if we have a little miss or a sweet boy, I'll pull out more clothing then.

I have kept most of my baby gear from the other 3 so I only need to get the essential things.
This baby will be sharing a room with Brynn while in the crib. So I'm having fun deciding on things to decorate half of the room. The crib is up and ready with a few neutral details. I'm sure I will add some gender specific things once we know.

I've got a lot to get ready for baby.....I feel its crunch time!  :)

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