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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What apples are best for what recipes?

Fall is here! That also means its apple season! There are so many amazing apple recipes, but sometimes there is a big difference in taste by which type of apple is used. Different varieties of apples all have different uses that they work best for.

There are so many flavors of fall, apples being one of the most common. You can get apples all year round, but they are in season here in the fall.

There are so many apple varieties. Some varieties are better for specific uses than others. Choose the right apple for your specific baking needs.

What apples are best for what recipes?

If you're making apple pie or applesauce know which apples are best. Here are some favorite apples for eating, cooking, and baking.

Eating apples  - Apple slices or a whole apple is a great snack for anyone to enjoy. Grab an apple that suits your favorite taste. Sweet or tart there are many.

Baking apples  - Some apples hold up better while baking. Choose the right apple for all your apple desserts.

Cooking apples - Apple cider, applesauce, apple butter are all great ways to use good cooking apples.

Apples Varieties                   Uses                                      Flavor

Cortland                                 Baking, Cooking, Eating      juicy and tart
Fuji                                        Eating                                   sweet and a little tart
Gala                                       Eating, Baking                     sweet and crisp
Granny Smith                        Eating, Baking                     crisp and tart
Golden Delicious                  Eating, Baking, Cooking      sweet and crisp
Honey Crisp                          Eating, Baking                     sweet and juicy
Johnathon                              Baking                                  tart and tangy
Jonagold                                Baking                                  sweet and tart
McIntosh                               Cooking                                sweet and crisp
Red Delicious                        Eating                                   sweet

Find a local apple orchard to go to this fall. Next time you go apple picking think about what you would like to do with the apples you pick and you can pick the right apples that are best for the recipe. Find your favorites for eating, cooking, and baking and enjoy several varieties of apples!

Check out my favorite apple recipes!

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