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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Our 4th Little Farmer

And just like that our 4th little farmer was born....and is now 3 months old. Today actually.

Wow does it go fast!!

But what a joy she has been!

I'm not quite sure where time has gone, but it has passed by so quickly that I am making sure to embrace so many precious moments with her. She has gone from our 9 lb 10 oz newborn to a smiley 3 month old full of personality already!

She enjoyed her first months be toted around from the farmers market, soccer and basketball games for her siblings, and tractor rides with me as I run the auger cart. 

I thought it was fitting for her to have produce in her newborn photos since we grow produce and she was born when the season is most plentiful of a variety of different vegetables. So I brought a variety of produce to her newborn photo session. 

She fits in perfectly with the rest of our crew!! 

As the months go by, we will be sure to cherish and enjoy every snuggle, smile, and everything else with our little Haddie! 

Newborn photos by Amanda Trebley Photography
Monthly blanket from Batzkids

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