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Monday, November 20, 2017

Thankful for the Buddy Seat

I've been around farming my whole life. So many memories created from being in the field.

Riding in the combine with dad.

Meals in the field.

Hay season.

Learning to drive the tractor.

.... and so so much more...

I remember back to my early childhood days riding in the combine with my dad. There wasn't a buddy seat in the combine back then, so we sat on the cab floor a lot, even taking naps occasionally laying on a Carhart coat. My dad created a make-shift buddy seat in the inside of his old Gleaner combine by bolting a board up behind the seat.

These days, I am thankful for the Buddy Seat! Every year I help my dad in the field during hay season and harvest. Much of the time I have at least one kiddo with me. I'm thankful that I can bring them with me.

It makes me so happy that I can raise my family with the same upbringing that my husband and I had. Equipment is more modern now, and technology has advanced a great deal, but they are seeing where food comes from and involved in the process themselves. From planting the seeds, working the ground and to harvest, my kids understand the value of the harvest.

My youngest started trying out the buddy seat at 2 months old. The older kiddos might ride for a few hours after picking them up from school. They are getting a front row seat at full production. I love seeing them enjoy the same type of experience I had as a child.

My childhood memories all carry over into my adult life and I cherish them so much.

Something that I particularly love is the fact that I am able to share those same memories with my kids between our own small farm and helping out with our family's farm.

One of my favorites growing up, jumping the round bale rows. So fun to share the same memories with my kids.

From helping plant seeds in our garden, to doing chores for our farm animals, to riding in the buddy seat in the tractor or combine during harvest, I'm thankful that my children get to experience farm life, even from the buddy seat.


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