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Sunday, March 2, 2014

-Fun In Wisconsin-

Last weekend we enjoyed a trip to Wisconsin with District 1 and 3 Farm Bureau Young Farmers. We had a great time! Scott and I have been a part of Jasper County Young Farmers since 2005 and the last District trip we went on was in 2006 to Ohio, so it was nice to go this year. There are 13 counties in these two districts together. I believe there were 51 of us on the charter bus to Wisconsin. These District trips are 3 day weekends and are nice to get away before everyone gets busy in the fields.

Our first stop was Harley Davidson. On this tour there was a lot of background information how this company got established. I'm not really into motorcycles, but the tour was neat to see all the different bikes starting back to 1903, and how they have changed. This company initially started in a shed!

Motorcycles from 1903-1947, a bike from each year. They all still run also. 
This motorcycle is #1.
300 and some motorcycles 

We then went to Miller Brewing Company.

Touring the bottling and packaging 
500,000 cases of beer at one time are
stored in the 200,00 sq. ft. warehouse. . They produce that much in one day. 

Chicago drinks 5 states worth of beer in one day- they get 40% of what is in the warehouse daily

The old caves where they stored the beer in barrels before they had refrigeration. 

That evening we ate at Branded Steer. It was excellent. I had a half rack of BBQ ribs, sweet potatoes, and a salad.

Saturday morning we started with breakfast at IHOP

We went to Reiman Publications were we watched a baking demonstration in the test kitchen. This test kitchen is one of the ones where they test recipes for the Taste of Home magazines!

We ate lunch at Sobelman's Pub and Grill. The food here was delicious as well!!

We then went to Sprecher Brewery I 'm a big root beer fan and this is now one of my favorites!! We bought some to bring back for the boys also.

Our sampling glasses we got to keep. 
Bottling and packaging 

The remainder of the afternoon we shopped downtown Cedarburg. This is a historic town with and old mill turned feed store, a winery, and several shops. I tried a Cookies and Cream mocha at one of the coffee shops, it was amazing! 

That evening we enjoyed dinner at Buca Di Beppo.

Sunday on our way back to Indiana we stopped at Mars Cheese Castle. They had fabulous fresh cheese bread. We purchased a loaf, some cheese curds, and cow cookies for the kids.

The Jelly Belly warehouse was next. Here, we rode in a train around the warehouse and learned about the production of jelly beans. They then had a Jelly Belly store where we can purchase the jelly beans and some other candies they make. We also could sample their different flavors.

We had lunch at the Brat Stop and finished our trip at Gurnee Mills with some shopping around the mall and Bass Pro.

It definitely was an enjoyable trip and we hope to go on the trips in the years to come. We were excited to get home and see the kids. We picked up Pizza King and had our cheese bread, Sprecher root beer, and pizza for dinner. The boys were excited for their Jelly Belly hats, jelly beans, and cow cookies we brought home to them. :)

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