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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Old Farmall 560

My guest post to The Farmer's Wifee 

2010 Tractor Parade

The other day I was looking through various pictures and reminiscing of fun summer times. (I think I'm trying to help get through these colder temps). One event that takes place for us in several of the past summers is the Antique Tractor Parade at our county fair and is evident in my pictures that it is a big event for us each summer.
Great Grandpa planting w the Farmall 560

The old Farmall 560 is special and we like to show it off. About 10 years ago, the tractor was restored and got a new paint job. My husband is part of the Retired Iron Club here in our county and each year the boys and Scott wash it up and get it ready to display at the fair. Two evenings during fair week, the Retired Iron tractor parade takes place. In our county, there are roughly 25 tractors that go through the parade. Some are show tractors and most are old tractors the members have.  These nights are very exciting for our boys, who have been participating in the parade with Scott for several years now. Each one gets to drive one night of the parade. Not sure what we will do now that we have three children. :)

Washing up the 560
Bought brand new in 1961, primarily for planting purposes by Scott's great grandpa, the Farmall 560 is still going. It has been passed down now through 4 generations and now belongs to our oldest son. Scott has several old family ledgers and paper work from purchases of equipment and other farm items that have been saved for several years. When looking for some old pictures of his great grandpa with the 560, it was neat to look back through some other older items.
Ledgers - the top one dates at 1939 and was Scott's Great Great Grandpa's

We still use this tractor for our produce planting. We hook up our plastic layer and transplanter to it and get our summer crops and pumpkins planted. Family history is important to us and to pass down the information. It is wonderful to share the stories with our kids. Point - Pass down those family farm stories, share the history so it doesn't get lost.
2013 Tractor Parade

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