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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

National Ag Day 3.25.14

Today is National Ag Day and this week agriculture is being celebrated on a national level as National Ag Week. How can you celebrate??

For those in the Ag industry:
Tell Your Stories - tell people how you started in agriculture, share about your production,
Share Your Ag Photos - share how agriculture has changed, show how you do things on your farm.
AGvocate and Raise Awareness  - there is high interest about how things are grown, answer questions
The public want to hear and they are listening.
For consumers:
Thank a Farmer

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2% of the American population provide food for the rest of the population. Even if consumers are not directly tied to agriculture, they still use/eat some form every day. Few people truly understand this and don't know the source of items in their everyday lives.
It is extremely important to educate the younger generation as they don't hear as much about agriculture. They need to understand that their food is produced way beyond the grocery store. They need to know that agriculture produces the houses people live in, the food they eat, and provides a large amount of employment for the public.
Lets recognize and celebrate the importance of agriculture! Not only today, or this week, but everyday! It truly provides us with great things in life!

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