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Monday, January 16, 2017

The Country Christmas Connection Reveal 2016

For a few years now I have participated in the Christmas In The Country blogger Christmas gift exchange. It is so fun to connect and find out about other ag bloggers and what a fun way to do it! This year it has been re-named The Country Christmas Connection with new hosts, Darleen from Guernsey Dairy Mama and Jenny from The Magic Farmhouse  and I definitely wanted to participate again! Thanks to them for continuing the fun!

It's so exciting when the package arrives and to find out who your Secret Santa is! Mine was Lori from The Home on the Range Exchange, which was so neat because I was her Secret Santa last year! How fun!!

I loved getting the package from Lori and opening it to see what she sent me. The package was stuffed full of all kinds of neat things! I love handmade and she made several of the items in the package!

I love how Lori made things that went with stuff that I like and enjoy!
She made a pot holder and knew that I liked sunflowers!
She made notecards with some of her beautiful scenic photos she has taken as she enjoys photography. Are the photos beautiful?!!
Sugar scrub was also included that she made using essential oils, and I love to use them as well.
It was so sweet of her to include something for my kiddos also! The moon sand, that she also made...and they loved to play with it!

In addition I really enjoyed how Lori included items that are from different things that she is involved with.
The Kansas Wheat Commission cookbook, the 4-H clover cookie cutter, the sand plum jelly (which was so tasty by the way), and the sweet smiles candy!

She topped it all off with a Christmas ornament to capture that I love rustic and Christmas!

So fun!
Lori, you did a wonderful job at putting my package together, it was so fun to go through and I enjoyed everything!

My daughter has loved playing with the moon sand!!

The Country Christmas Connection exchange is a great way to connect with other ag bloggers! I'm so glad I participate! To read what the others received check out the link up here.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a great start to 2017!


  1. YAY! I am so happy you liked your package! You did a great job capturing it and totally getting where I came from.

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