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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mess Free Finger Painting On Our Snow Day

Today we are home, snowed in. I'm not sure the exact amount of snow we have gotten because the wind is blowing pretty good out here in wide open country. We have two spots on our road, one to the North and one to the South, that drift shut pretty bad when we have this much snow and wind.

I knew I would need an activity for the kids to do, mainly the boys, to break up some of the day. I saw the idea of mess free finger painting on Pinterest. We haven't ever done that before so it would be a good activity they would be interested in for a while. I set it up early this morning and they have been back and forth several times. Going to play with other things and coming back to the finger painting. I also eventually put a letter sheet there so Lane could practice his letters.

Are you snowed in today? Give this activity a try.

All you need:
Ziploc bags
A window/A piece of white paper if placing on a table - so they can see the picture they are making better

Ty drew a tractor

Lane said this was a field

Lane practicing letters

I think we are also going to do some baking today. I have two boys eager to help with cleaning today too so I will be taking advantage of that :) Working on orders during nap time will also be on my list.

Have a great "snow" day everyone!

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