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Monday, February 17, 2014

My Monday Weekly Happenings 2.17.14

Another week of February over in a blink of an eye! This passed week I enjoyed traveling to Indianapolis to attend a blog workshop meeting. Hearing other talk about their blogs gives inspiration! The boys both had great times at their Valentine's parties at school.

The Weather: I think Mother Nature thinks we want more snow! Although we truly were due for a good cold winter, I think it's safe to say most are ready to say goodbye to this white stuff! We had a few inches of snow on Saturday evening and are getting more today. School let out early due to the 6-8 inches and strong winds we are expecting. It was a nice drive home! Our road drifts pretty bad and is basically drifted shut in spots in less than 2.5 hours of the snow storm. The temperatures are kind of all over the place for this week!

On My TV: Nothing right now. I have been watching the show The Lying Games on Netflix after the kids go to bed and I'm working on my crochet orders.

On The Menu For This Week:

Monday - Cheesy Ham Hashbrown Casserole
Tuesday - Crock Pot King Ranch Chicken
Wednesday - Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes
Thursday - Cheeseburgers and Pasta Salad
Friday - Eating out
Saturday - Eating out
Sunday - not sure yet.

To Do List For The Week: Working on playing catch up with getting laundry put away. I can always keep up with getting it washed pretty good, its the folding and putting away that easily gets put until later.

Sew.Stitch.Create. Projects For The Week: I need to make a fabric run for a burp cloth order. I love fabric runs!! Of course because I always find more that I went in just to get. I can get lost looking at fabric! Don't tell your husband you'll be in and out when he plans to wait in the car for you. I think an hour was too long :) He just laughed though, so its all good.

Here's some things I finished this week:
Hat with flower and matching fingerless gloves

Farm print bib and burp cloths

For this week, I hope to finish a colorful goat hat, make a newborn owl hat, and newborn diaper cover with matching hat. I am almost caught up on orders as well.

I recently put a few items in my ETSY shop, my husband has made me some wooden props, and they are doing well. Looking forward to adding more items as time allows to get things made.

Walker Farms Projects For The Week: Getting ready for new chicks, and start seeding early spring produce.

Pictures From This Week:
Today during the snow storm

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