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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Farmer In Him

On Friday's L doesn't have preschool, so he spent the afternoon with my brother yesterday. They spent the majority of the time working on things in the shop. The plan was after I got off work and picked up T from school, we would be by to pick L up. Then swing by my in laws to pick up B on the way home.

Before we left the boys wanted to help do chores. That's perfectly fine with me! I want them to have every opportunity possible to help out. Plus it's calving season for my brother and parents herd, so they were excited to see the baby calves again. L is a true farm boy, and couldn't wait to "take the strings off the bales" as he would say with his slight twang in his voice. Every chance he can he wants to be helping and says "we have work to do."

We headed out to feed and water the cows and saw a new calf just born. We had missed the birth by probably only 5 -10 minutes. Growing up I remember it was always so exciting to see calves and foals be born. Especially with the horses, as they were up at the house during foaling time, my dad would wake us up first thing in the morning, "We had a filly this morning" or "We had a stud colt this morning" and we would hurry out to see and see what kind of coloring we got (we had paint horses). Or on occasion, even the middle of the night, a calf or foal was being born right then and we were able to watch. I hope my kids get to witness it sometime as well.

We needed to get the cow and calf into the barn, coming from work, heels aren't too helpful in the cow pasture in snow. So I grabbed a pair of my brother's bibs and boots and helped get the other cows and calves moved around to bring in this next one.

L was full of questions as always.

"What's that hanging from his belly?"
"That's the umbilical cord."
"What is a 'bilicord' for?"
"Well its how the baby gets food when its inside the cows belly."
"Oh, Ill have to tell Grandpa I saw that!"

"Why's the cow going that way?",  "What's that gate for?" "What's this, What's that?" So inquisitive he is!

He is truly our little farmer and so interested in everything. He is so willing to work and help out! He couldn't wait to give the cows each some slabs of hay. He would throw up a slab, it'd come back down, and he would keep trying until he got it into the pen.

"Why do the cows drink so much?" "Why do some have horns?"

At this time, we don't have any other animals at our house other than the chickens and our dog, so I love any extra agriculture experiences that they can get. L is definitely one that will take up any offers and I am so glad he does. I love seeing the little farmer in him!

Have a great day!

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